Saturday, September 28, 2013

Insufficient imagination.

When listening to 'our leaders' speak about how they would handle this or that problem my conclusion, after almost every speech, was that their speech writers had insufficient imagination.

I've also concluded that most politicians are weak minded, incompetent, immoral, corrupt, bought and paid for  and unable to do much of anything other than get elected and re-elected.

I've come to this conclusion from reading the news. HOWEVER...the 'journalists" have not covered themselves with glory either. They're accuracy is abysmal.  I present "AR-15Shot Gun" as exhibit One.  How long has it been  since a news hit mean news "story' has answered what used to be the five cardinal questions?

The five W's.


How long has it been since each 'fact' needed support?  
How long has it been since the major networks stopped falsifying evidence , such as 'highly editing' film clips, audio clips and transcripts.'  If you don't see it "live" they're probably lying ..and with today's new tech I'm not even betting on 'live'.

The major news networks have ZERO credibility. Now day's it's "the narrative" and obviously Bush's fault and 


so perhaps the politicians are, in all actuality, honest, brave, ethical , patriotic Americans just trying to do their job, and the news media are giving them a bad rap.

But I digress...

The following is a snippet.  A chapter?  A short story?

I'm trying  to fit it into my near future fiction.... "Defenders of Christendom"   or D.O.C.  

Or perhaps D.O.C. will be only a part of the larger work called "After the MeltDown"

Who knows..

as, I hope you enjoy, feel free to comment.


               Seventy Two Virgins.

There actually WERE seventy two  girls on the team, but they certainly weren't virgins. They had all been raped when they were young girls or even children. Khadijah was a perfect example. She  had been raped when she was twelve.  Gang Raped.  After that she had almost been killed by her father.  Her father said that she had brought dishonor to their family and tried to murder her.

Actually it wouldn't have been murder.  So called “honor killing” of a rape victim was perfectly legal under Sharia law  according to the Mullah.  Luckily for her she was a disobedient girl and with the help of some friends she had managed to escape her father, later the town, and much later the caliphate.  Through an unlikely series of actions she was now a member of DOC.  She was a drone controller.

She had a bone to pick with that Mullah.

Bone?  Heh...the Texan’s had such interesting slang.  

The Team was observing a Mullah harangue a crowd of young men.  This guy was positively frothing at the mouth.  He was using such terms as “daughters of Satan”.  “unclean whores” and much worse.  Best she could tell he wasn't referring to any woman in particular...just women in general.

A few War Doves were lazily drifting on the thermals above the village square where the Mullah was ranting and raving.  The WD’s were in contact  with home base, where she was, via a Wraith of God (WOG) which was floating on top of the atmosphere many of thousands of feet overhead.

Shortly the WD’s would drop their payload of gnats.  She was a gnat controller this mission.  Her and the other seventy two.  A WD could carry a LOT of gnats.

On signal the WD’s drifted directly over the crowd and a multitude of small insect sized micro drones drifted down lazily on the almost non existent breeze.   Most  alighted on the clothing of the young men. She managed to steer her gnat so that it landed on the Mullah.  One more insect, he’d never notice.  Not only did he have lice he probably had ticks.  She maneuvered the Gnat under his clothes and directed it toward his groin.  Yup..he had crabs too.  Good thing the gnat didn't relay , praise the saints,  was smell,,...he’d probably never bathed in his life.

“Ok girls...I’m in position” she relayed to her teammates.

One after the other the other girls signaled that they too were in position.

The WD commander made a final query.  “Everyone found  a scrotum?”...he sniggered.

His board read all green...and he initiated.

The Mullah was in mid rant when he screamed.  Throughout the crowd many, many of his followers also screamed.  They bent over, fell to the ground and curled around themselves.  The ones that survived...and likely most of them would..would NEVER rape another woman...nor father any children.

This was a harassment raid.  It wasn't retaliatory or punitive.  That being the case  only a tiny  fraction of a gram of  the new explosive, cataclysmite had been used.  The explosion wasn't  much and couldn't do a whole LOT of damage.  In technical terms the ‘foot pounds per square inch energy expenditure was roughly that of the impact of  a swung baseball bat

....but when that impact occurred  under a man’s scrotum it pretty much  got his attention.  It probably canceled any hope he had of engaging in rape again too.

That was the point.

Back at base the Seventy Two virgins hooted and whistled.

Tonight they would party.  

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