Thursday, April 10, 2008

Global Warming

I'm currently driving across I-10 in FLORIDA , in the middle of April, and it's almost chilly outside. I turned on my heater last night. Looking at the weather across the nation I've noticed that there's still snow in a number of places... some in Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska...TODAY....not all of them are all that far north either. Snow in Nebraska in April....

It snowed in BagDad some time back....that generally doesn't happen. That's what the residents said....they'd never seen snow before.

I saw on the internet that one or another flavor of Scientists have deployed underwater robots . Guess what? The deep ocean is getting COOLER>

Last season South America experienced the coldest winter they can recall right off hand.

There were some Protest Meetings some time ago against Global Warming. They got frosted

Just think how bad it might be if there were no Global Warming.

If it wasn't for Global Warming it would REALLY be COLD.
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