Monday, April 07, 2008

Do you ever wonder how some people........

........fine their way to work everyday?

I got my registration, finally, in the middle of the afternoon. Since my toy printer is broke (Hp) I had to go inside and have the beautiful bride fax it to me. Took awhile standing in line waiting for Millie Mini-Van Mom and all her friends, Kids and MotorHome folks to buy their bubble gum...candy and what not. You'd think the Flying J might have more than one person at the counter? Just a thought.

I rolled outa there and as expected stopped at the scales just a little ways south. No problems. They looked at my permit and waved me thru. That's one thing I like about Georgia and a few other states. They have a clue. Oversize isn't the easiest thing in the world to maneuver ...they realize that. They come out of their scale house and I hand them the permit. Sometimes they check "stuff"...sometimes not.
Today was a "not'. The nice gentleman looked the permit over....then waved me thru. I didn't even weigh.

So.......the beautiful bride had called ahead to find me a landing spot. As late as I left it was to late to unload in Savannah so it would be tomorrow before I unloaded. She had a place all lined up in Register Georgia. Only about fifty or sixty miles out.

I rolled into the little fuel stop about an hour before dark...fueled up...and parked. Then I looked around.

I called up the Beautiful Bride and asked...."didn't the say there was a resturant around here?"

"Yup."...she said..." about a hundred yards south."

I looked and couldn't see anything. She called back....yup...a hundred yards the Cheveron Station.

Okaaaaay. I pulled outa the lot and headed south.

About two miles down the road I found a place to turn around. Wasn't easy.

As you may have guessed it was NORTH. On the other sided of the Interstate too. Walking distance? Yeah...dodging rednecks in a hurry to get home and open their first sixpack while walking across a freeway bridge? I don"t think so.

How do some folks find their way to work in the morning....oh yeah....they live there.
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