Monday, April 07, 2008

So I'm still sitting here.........'s Monday afternoon and still no updated registration. Precious little info from my Travel Agent other than the "we're still working on it" variety.

I've often wondered about something. Trucks are fairly "old tech", they haven't changed drastically in forever. ....they are still "something with cargo on/in it rolling along the ground". The speed has increased some but not a whole lot....not really when compared to say...computers.

So Office Workers....have these computers see. And copiers, and fax machines, and telephones and they're all connected together by micro-wave, and fiber-optics via a multi-zillion dollar world wide system such that in the information processing field it's thousands of times faster today than it was just a few years ago much less a few decades ago much less a century ago BUT....

It still takes them longer to move a piece of paper from one desk in a building to another desk in that same building than it does for me to move a multi-thousand pound piece of equipment across the country.......

..............or very nearly.

Why is that?
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