Thursday, April 10, 2008

Don't let an Ass

..........umption ruin your day.

An incorrect assumption that is. I know, I's easy to say. Sometimes it's not so easy to do.

Take me for example, the other day.. .......please.

What a Mongolian

It started out as a normal day. I rolled into the shipper bright and early...told the appropriate folks that I had arrived and after a reasonable amount of time I rolled on over to the "south lot" to load. Everything appeared to be normal. I "dropped the neck" on my trailer and sat there like a good little boy waiting for the yard dawg to bring my load around.

Presently two of 'em showed up with the piece. It was a Cat 14M MotorGrader. A pretty respectible load but nothing major. This should be a piece of cake.

One guy asked me "How do you want it loaded?"

I told him to go ahead and load it like they thought best. I figure they load more of these things in a day than I haul in a couple of years.....they're the experts. (assumption)

They took a look at my trailer....assumed it was just like all the other trailers that they'd been loading that day....and loaded er up...

They went away and I Hooked up, chained down, flagged up and ragged out. I measured all dimensions and taped the exhaust. The I took it over to the scales (on the property....real handy) to axle it out.

Then I called in all my dimensions and weights to my Travel Agent so he could start the permit process. We hadn't pre-ordered the permit because I was unsure about how motorgraders would axle out on this trailer....not having hauled one in a while. I figured after an hour or so I'd have a permit and be ready to roll

Didn't happen that way.

It seems I was OverHeight. Not much....just an inch or three....but enough. My Travel Agent suggested that I let some air out of the tires. Sounded reasonable. (assumption) Back when I was hauling farm equipment letting some air out of the tires was standard procedure. Drop maybe six inches in height sometimes back then by doing that.

So I proceeded to get ready to start doing that.....and was immediately prevented from doing so by the yard personnel.

No, no no nooooo! Not allowed. It turns out that a special mixture of Nitrogen and seven essential vitamins is in the tires...not just regular air. Letting it out is a BAD THING (tm) what do we do NOW Kimo Sabe?

(follow the link and find that there is also a miniature donkey named Kemo Sabe. Co-incidence? I think not.)

So I'm standing there with the two yard dogs, a shop supervisor, and a couple of truckers who had nothing to do, were consequently bored and thought they'd join in the their expertise. There were lots of loud voices, waving of hands....gesticulations....and aggravation....

"But I always.......", " Back when....", "Not on MY Yard...".

..........and like that. Pretty comical actually.

About that time a secretary walked by. She was heading out to her car. When she walked by us she said "turn it around".

Stunned silence.

We'd not even CONSIDERED that.

So we did that. It took a while...most of the rest of the day. It worked though. The height came down to 13' 8" or so. Good enough since I was traveling a permitted route and we were asking for 14'.

And that leads me to the moral of my little story. Always be aware of your assumptions. Ass -u-me is " just an Ass in front of u and me." the saying goes...and can cause and AWFULLY lot of trouble.

In this case it cost me a lot of sweat and a lot of time.

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