Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oasis Travel Plaza

This is a review based on my observations and experiences. I haven't talked to any of the truck stop personnel about this post....this is entirely my own personal opinions

The Oasis TruckStop is my idea of what a REAL truck stop should be.

It's not one of the Fabulous Four chain for one thing....being one of 140 truckstops nationwide that belong to the AMBEST Cooperative association

It's located at Exit 53 on Interstate ten. Years ago there was a "greeter" gal in a tower that was on the property. It might have been an old Forest Service Fire Spotter lLook Out looked like it....sure was tall. (Sadly...the tower is gone now) Any way...this gal...she'd be up in the tower. She knew enough about trucks to know the difference between a PeterCar and a FreightShaker or a KayWhopper. She'd holler out on the 19.

"How bout that shiney blue PeterCar eastboun!!! You huuuungry honey? Need some cofee? Need some fuel....well guess what? This is your luckeeeey're HERE!"

.........and like that. For hours. They rotated gurls....must have. Had to have had shifts.

I thought it was kinda neat. Back then I was single. I thought the sound of a friendly female voice was kinda nice.

They don't do that anymore.....more's the pity.

They remodeled the place a few years ago. It's all bright and shiney on the inside....still a dirt (sand...this is south Alabama) lot on the outside. A HUGE dirt lot. They can park a LOT of trucks here.

Dirt ammenities. Park where you want to.

Several fuel pumps....maybe ten?

Inside it's nice. Lots of trucker stuff...unlike the Fabulous Four (you KNOW the chain stores I'm talking about) which have (at most) an isle or two of trucker stuff...this place has a whole section of the store filled with trucker stuff. Maps, Logbooks, stuff for flatbedders (a chain here...a binder there...Straps even), some chrome...oil, additives, lights find precious little of at the Fabulous four.

There's another part for much as I've seen in a normal convenience store. Food like in "put in your truck" kind of food. Dry Cereal, Milk, canned goods.

And then there's the Restaurant. It's unusual in several ways. One way is that it's one of the few places left that allows smoking. There's s smoking section. I don't smoke when I eat but I don't see why others shouldn't be allowed to...if they're separated from ME so's I'm not affected. They do well enough here.

And the service is friendly. They're happy to see you and prompt.

And the food was GOOD.

Hamburger Steak with grilled onions and gravy complete with three side dishes and unlimited Ice Tea for .............ten dollars.

I recommend them completely. I wish there were more like em and less of the Fabulous Four.

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