Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Heavy Hauler's Prayer

Lord Give me patience........

I prayed a lot last night.

First off another guy quit. In the time that I've been doing this there've been four guys quit (or just not show up again...same thing) and one guy had a heart attack.We only have six drivers....should have eight.

And there was a rumor that I'd scared off a potential driver by telling him "his truck was too small".

And there was a rumor that I'd told maintaince not too put "too many" D-rings on the trailers....so they quit putting any on.

And we've got another newbie. And the newbie was late as was another driver.

And we work in the dark to get them ready on time.

And the Escort Boss quit too....(rumors....rumors...)..we have eight or ten escorts...

And we have a new "coordinator"...who is clueless.

And the customer wants...demands...that we do six panels tomorrow instead of four as is normal (two more drivers?)

And they loaded my trailer cattywumpus. That's a technical term meaning it wasn't straight. I had much overhang to the left up front ..none on the right...and much overhang to the right in the rear. ..none on the left. This made me wider than normal (which was over twelve) and much, much more difficult to get thru the toll plaza.

And the escorts didn't have any hand held radio's. ...to guide me thru.

And their idea of hand signals............well cryptic doesn't begin to describe them.

And the coordinator got lost....(really....gone bye bye....can't find him)

And....and....it's supposed to rain tomorrow...

And be very windy.....

Lord...give me patience....

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