Thursday, October 25, 2007

Count Down

It didn't rain last night. It didn't rain the night before.

We sat here watching it "not rain". We were shut down. Didn't get anything done.

To be honest it drizzeled a bit. Sprinkle.

There were folks who didn't "get the word"...and showed up ready to work. Escorts. They were angry. Some had driven quiet a ways to get here.

That means (I suspect) that some of them WON'T show up tonight. Supposedly we'll work.

I'm gonna chain down in a bit.

I've got panel # 10 on the wagon.

Panel #1 is a "special" so it doesn't count. After tonight that leaves us with 8 panels (c section and d section count as one) to go. Four trucks working call it ...what...Wednsday we're done?

Next Wednsday were done!!!!!!!!!!

And I get to go back to civilization. I can't wait.
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