Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's looking more like FUBAR

I'm at a truckstop. Fed,. fueled and showered.

The shower was pure bliss. Heavenly....I staid in it until I started to wrinkle.

I was four days in that gravel pit. Four days of hamburgers in the evening and nothing else. Four days is three days too long.

I called the "Director of Heavy Haul" at Corporate while waiting for my shower.

We had a little talk.

At first he was a little irate. Why are you doing this...and why are you doing that....he asked.

That caused me to be a little irritated. Cause I wasn't doing NONE of that stuff.

It seems the folks in PA have a tendency to "shade" the truth. Either that or they have the attention span of a gnat and can't remember.

Which makes my "hardcopy of promises" all the more unimportant.....and unlikely.

I mentioned all of this and more to the director....we said goodbye with several understandings.

Many thousands of dollars has already been invested in this project.....and about Three Million is at stake.

So...the director wants commitment and teamwork to "make it happen".


So why do I fear FUBAR?
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