Thursday, September 27, 2007


A world war II term I think which ment "Situation Normal, All Fouled Up"

Well that about describes it here.

Yesterday the "wheels" from PA showed up....about three hours later than they said they would...they were late. They had good excuses though and They talked a good fight. I asked for clarification on several issues and I got it. They promised several things.

One thing I requested was that they send me a "hard copy" of all the promises. Just a little piece of paper so that if it ever got to a "he said she said" situation then I'd have a reference.

We're also supposed to be getting paid to sit here. The money is supposed to go on our fuel cards. Both items were supposed to be taken care of "first thing in the morning"

So....I went to bed last night with "visions of sugarplums, dancing in my head"....

I had found a remote corner of the lot last night to park the truck....way back out yonder so I wouldn't be in anyone's way cause I saw no reason to get up early. I slept late and had just made coffee and was on numero uno (a little spanish means number one) ceegar when Jimmy...the prime contractor guy....walked up.

He said that they'd got a new trailer in early this morning and he'd got it rigged up but that there were some issues so would I "see about it"?
I told him I'd see what I could do.

I called PA and talked to Mr. Big and he said everything would be taken care of...and transferred me to "Dan" in maintainence. Dan was supposed to take care of it. I talked to Dan for about five minutes. Dan proceeded to tell me that it wasn't his job ...seeya.

Ooooooooookay! A little NorthEastern attitude here. I had been expecting it since day one and was wondering when it would appear.

So I called Mr. Big back and told him I was done dealing with them...I'd tried to help and got treated like that so "seeya". He apologized and said he'd "fix" it and that he'd call me back.

Meanwhile Jimmy had moved the crane,

......picked up a piece and wanted me to back under it and then move the loaded trailer over "yonder" out of the way.

Ok. I proceeded to do that.

In the mean time we found an air leak....pretty serious one....on the trailer.

I called "Fleet Net" to have someone come out and fix it. Hours ago...nothing yet.

I called the other driver who's been ferrying loaded trailers to the other drop yard...near the bridge. Everything went OK on the inspection. Surprisingly so to me...I didn't have much confidence in that trailer. He said he'd see me Monday.

I asked him if he'd heard who was going to be doing what and who was supposed to be where on Monday? Nope.

Dan from PA called just now and apologized for the attitude. I was surprised. We discussed "things" and he said he'd get on it. I await developments.

The "break down" guy for the trailer just came and went. He fixed the trailer. So it's OK.

I still don't have any money on my fuel card....

I still don't have the hard copy of the promises.

So I'm sitting here....still. this gonna work?

Or is it....

SNAFU....verging on FUBAR.
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