Friday, September 28, 2007

Some times the hypocrisy is overwhelming.

Texas Lawmakers breaking their OWN rules as a matter of course.

Now...let's take flight of our senses for a little bit. Let's just assume that we live in a nation of LAW. A nation whose leaders are honest and just? (hang on....I know this is pretty far out...but bear with me). A nation of lawmakers who are subject to the law?

What a concept. Well if that WERE the case then wouldn't all the laws that have been passed since this particular Texas Legislative group has been elected and in office be null and void? It's pretty obvious from the video that there is no way to tell who voted for what.

I love the part where the little gurl explains why they do that. They're sooooo busy...(whew).. I mean...who ever heard of working straight thru without lunch breaks or even potties breaks. No one else has to do that. That justifies breaking the rules. Right?

Hmmmmm....does the word TRUCKERS ring any bells? Of course when we use that same excuse to the Bears they let us go right?............RIGHT?

Back to the real world now.

Those who make the law are above the law. (Siegh Heill!!!) Kinda like cops. I actually had one tell me once that the law didn't apply to him. It was his job to enforce it...not obey it.

Sadly this has been going on chance it'll ever change.

In a slightly different venue it's even worse in Tennessee

Quiet some time ago rumor has it that the Tennessee DOT got so authoritarian and dictatorial that the US marshals came in and shut them down completely. Whether that's true or not (it's a trucker's legend) is indicates what truckers think about the law in Tennessee.

It appears that in Tennessee, as well as Texas, (and by inference all other states) that law makers are living down to expectations.

Is it then no wonder that this is true?

Who Do you Trust

pretty low numbers?

The president has the lowest approval rating in living memory...and his are HIGHER than all the others.

And that's pitiful....overall Bloggers come in second...above the media and the politicians. Bloggers....and I are one....are the hi-tech equivalent many cases...of a drunk at the end of the bar shouting out his thoughts and ideas.

The American public trusts drunks more than they do the Media.

....and deservedly so....apparently.
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