Saturday, June 09, 2007

Heading back for the last one .....

............I'm sure glad this is about over with. I'm wore out.

I'm tired of the nonsense....the hassel.

I woke up this morning somewhere in Colorado, drank some a little bit...lit up a cigar and took out. Just toodleing along about five or ten under the speed limit.....on back roads...not a lot of traffic.

Several hours later I pull up to the New Mexico Port of Entrly at Raton NM. The last EIGHT TIMES I did this they waved me on thru. Not this time. He wanted me to come on in.

So I did. I gathered up ALL my paper work (permits, logs, registration etc....a double armfull) and wandered on in.

He wanted to know how long I was.

I's been three months since I thought about it. Nothing's changed in the last EIGHT times I been thru was ok then what's different now?

He still wanted to know.

So....I went out and measured and then came back in and told him.

He wanted to know if my Jeep was down.

I just stared at him.

This is a jeep.
This is what my rig looked like when it went thru the port.This is a fully stretched out heavy haul rig....truck, jeep, trailer, and stinger.
Twelve axel rig.

No jeep on my rig.

So I just stared at him......

About that time a bus load of teen age girls....about sixty girls I'd guess....unloaded and the girls started milling around waiting to go to the bathroom.

Scantily clad girls.

He just stared at THEM.

Forgot all about me actually.....said I could go.

Which I did.


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