Sunday, June 10, 2007

Induced power

I wonder if the people alive at the time attached much importance to the
discoveries of Edison...or Marconi?

You remember them. Electricity and Radio?

Or later on how about the invention of the microchip?

Or later still the widespread application of WiFi.

Probably not.

They should changed the world.

Well guess what? It's happened again.

Check out.


It's been all over the internet the last few days. Folks seem to think
it's a big deal. What's suprising to me is that they don't
seem to grasp just how BIG a deal it is.

Let's take just a teeny tiny example.

Just a few hours ago I was toodleing down the road talking on my cell
phone. Suddenly my handsfree headset quit. The battery
was dead. I'd forgotten to put it on charge last night.

Now imagine that I've got a primitive induced power or "Wilectricity"
set-up. The headset (and the cellphone) is powered wirelessly
inside the cab. No wires. As long as the device (headset or handset) is
is within range of the "power transmitter then it'll work.

I say primitive because soon induced power will be a factor in the
manufacture of trucks...just as you can get an automobile
now with BlueTooth built in.

Think about that for a minute.....I've been thinking about it all day.
I've got some pretty far out ideas on the subject.

Right now however I'm gonna go eat.


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