Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Heading back for number nine.....

and possibly the last one.

My trailer sat on the Pad Site for two days. Every evening I'd wait until the sun started to set then unhook and bobtail into Pine Grove Wyoming. Every Morning I'd leave about sunup and bobtail back to the trailer....and wait.

I finally got unloaded...then went on into Pine Grove to wait out the terrorist threat (RoadCheck 2007)....that was over last night so I'm now headed back to El Paso to get another one.

Possibly the last one. Dunno. Might or might not be a few more.

News Flash. Just talked to dispatch. This WILL be the last one.

(sigh)....can't say as I'm too unhappy....this has been a totally whacked out project. The worst one I've ever been on...and I've been on quiet a few.

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