Wednesday, May 23, 2007

#5 on the ground.........

.........and back for another.

#6 on the ground.

.........and back for another.

....I been busy the last few days.

I'm in El Paso now loading in the morning. I'm hoping to get it there Friday and unload before the holiday. If so I can go see the grandkids before I reload tuesday.

The reason I been so busy? I dunno....but I can speculate.

It MIGHT be that my company finally billed 'em for "idle time" for all the trucks that was sitting around for days and days.....time is money and if a truck isn't rolling it costs money and doesn't make any. That's a quick way to go broke.

I was told that seventy percent of the trucks were on this job. Seeing as how the company has damn near a thousand trucks I question that. What I think was ment by that was that seventy percent of the heavy haul fleet was on the project. Even so that's seventy or eight trux. assume a thousand dollars a day for detention (idle time).

Adds up don't it? Maybe they got a bill that got their attention......hope so....I can use the cash.

Then again it might be that the rumor was true that "corporate" was visiting. That would have been bad. Imagine trying to explain all those trux sitting every where? .......and nothing getting done?

Whatever the cause....there's some new faces. I figure there was a "come to Jesus meeting" and some changes were made.

At any rate were moving.

And I'm taard.

Nite all.

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