Wednesday, May 16, 2007

#5...STILL on site.

What day is it?

I don't even know any more. The last few days we'd bobtail out from Pine Bluffs.....hook up to our trailers...sit aaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllll day. Come dark-thirty we'd unhook and bobtail back.

Next day we'd do it agin.

I'm getting real rested. The bar in Pine-Bluffs has a lot of my money. I'm getting to know quiet a few of the locals.

I've developed an abiding contempt for Mortenson Construction....especially their so called "Crane Crew"

It appears that all these guys want to do is "run out the clock". Actually getting work done?

Nope....not gonna happen.

I'd catalog all the tricks they've used the last few day to waste time...but it's too embarassing. I just can't fathom how adults can act this way. And they're not even UNION!

So I sit here all day. I'm getting really friendly with a local ground squirel. My buddy has been hunting rattlesnakes. We've all been sleeping a lot.

Real exciting.

Ho cranes in site.

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