Friday, May 25, 2007

#7 on site.

What a trip.

Never, ever, never offer a trucker....much less a heavy hauler....a challenge....unless you're serious.

"If you can get it there by Friday noon(challenge) they'll unload you(carrott)" dispatch said...."otherwise you gotta wait until next Tuesday(stick)".

Who can resist a deal like that?....what with some kinda holy day coming up and all.

So....we loaded Wednsday morning and headed out about noon....from El Paso. I just now pulled onto the's 10:15 on Friday.

A hundred and forty thousand pounds (gross) hundred and four foot long....fourteen foot wide.....seventeen foot tall....Twelve hundred and forty 46 hours.

Over Three mountains this.

and this...........

..down eleventy-seven dozen goat trails....under three low bridges we arent SUPPOSED to be able to get under....and thru some construction that wasn't supposed to BE there.

Oh....did I mention meeting other wide loads....we gotta slooooooow way down and creep past each other.

And I forgot about the thoughtless of me.

and the antique car rally.

also the spandex menance..

Mustn't forget about "bubba".

All in was pretty tiring.

Next time I'm gonna take 48 need to rush so much
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