Monday, April 23, 2007

The Ragin' Cajun in Yankee Land.

The Ragin Cajun just called. He's got problems. Just exactly what they
are I don't know yet. But I've got ideas. It has to do with Yankee's
....him being in North Dakota...yankee country. I'm pretty sure I'll
find out all about it tonight.

I had a little yankee trouble myself over the weekend.

A couple of newbies to the company.....they were from Ohio I
think...they come on in to where we were all parked bobtail in Wyoming
Thursday nite. Me and several other "old hands" was sitting around the
table drinking coffee and swapping lies when one of em groaned and
nudged me.

"Whatsamatter....." I asked.

"oh no" he said..."look who's pulling up....Frick and Frack"

"Oh" I said ....not having any idea what he was talking about but not
wanting to appear stupid.

So......a bit later these two young guys come strutting in.
Yup.....strutting. I kinda groaned a little bit and slid down in my
chair. It's embarassing to see that kinda carrying on. One of em gave
me a "look".....and proceeded to tell everyone how great he that...

Why...this young feller was God's gift to Heavy haul. Amazing since he
only had a five axel rig....but nuntheless....he was a master. If you
don't think so...just asked him.

Anyway...he got to carrying on and carrying on.....and he was getting
stuff wrong. I groaned and slid further down in my chair. He frowned
at me.

Eventually he said one too many wrong things and I commented. Rather
discretely I thought. Guess HE didn't think so. You'd a thought I
insulted his mother.

We had wurds.

Now I'm old and grey and fat. I got nuthin to prove to nobody. My Mr.
Macho days are behind me.

So I walked out.

Went and took a shower...then left by another door to another resturant
and had a steak.

Figgered I'd never see em again.

Well last nite one of em showed up. Frack let's call him.

He was all kinds of friendly. He apologized up and down about how his
friend Frick had acted. Yadda Yadda.

Ok....... I thought. Maybe so.

Well ....after I got outa the shop today I came on over to the Plant to
get loaded. Howard...another trucker and Pat ...the Plant manager came
up and we started talking. I've known Pat for years.

Howard said"You know those two Yankees who ran their mouths so much the
other day up in Wyoming?"

"Yeah." I said.....remembering the one from last nite.

"Well one of em came in here this morning....not the loudmouthed little
shit....the other one. He was gonna pull Tops" Howard said.

"Yeah ?" I said...not letting on that I knew that already.

"Well Pat kicked him off the project" Howard said.

"Oh?" I said...what now I wondered.

So Pat told me. Long Story Short. The guy got really
PAT. Got really in his face...called him a "Fat Slob" and other stuff.

Bad move. He's history. Pat's the boss here....he can do that.

Pat's also THE CUSTOMER on a multi million dollar project.....and good
friends of higher ups back in the company I'm leased to.

Wonder if Yankee big mouth is still leased on?

Wonder how the Cajun is doing in Yankee land?


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