Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'm In El Paso

It was a fine ride but now I'm here. I'm at the Flying J in Anthony of my "home away from home's" for the next few months.
More pretty country to view. None of those nasty trees to get in the way of the view. I've heard predictions that the oncoming global warming is going to cause a drought. I wonder how they'd notice out here?

While riding along I stopped to fix a minor mechanical problem at a rest area. (air bag inflation level on trailer not correct due to arc of trailer....causing incorrect braking)....this ole boy showed up.
A "BedBugger" we call em. A moving van.

Sure is a nice looking truck. I didn't get a good enough picture to justify it. It's a KW also. It's even a W900 like mine. There's where the resembalance ends though. If our two trucks were horses....that one would be a hot blooded Arabian....

.............mine would be a Clydesdale.

Scottie just called....he's less than an hour out. I guess were gonna go eat or something.

I dunno about the other guys. They might still be on-site.

Gotta go...a steak is calling my name.

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