Monday, April 16, 2007

Gonna be a Hot Day today...

It's only ten a.m here and it's almost seventy degrees. That's not really hot but consider.....two days ago I was in snow? This running north-south in spring or fall is a sure recipe for a cold or the flu. Luckily I'm not too suceptible to that but it can happen to anyone.

Was cool last nite.....slept with the truck turned off. I better enjoy that while I can. Pretty soon it'll be too hot for that. Have to have Air Conditioning to sleep.

I was woke up before dawn. It was lite but the sun wasn't up yet.

It was the Cajun. Sheesh. He's two time zones away and decided he'd call and chat for a bit. No big deal as I was gonna get up in a little bit anyway.....

So we chatted...swapped rumors and lies....and I fired up the truck and rolled on over to the Petro II. I'd just as soon fuel at the "J"
...but the "J" doesn't take comchek

Unless I want to pay cash or put it on a charge card I use comchek. Lots more convient that way. So I went on down to the Petro II to get fuel. Then over to Bergen Steel.

There's folks ahead of me.

Guess I'll wait.

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