Saturday, April 28, 2007

Anti-American, anti-free speech yankees.

High school teacher 'disturbed' by violent content of assignment

By Jeff Long and Carolyn Starks
Tribune staff reporters
Published April 26, 2007

Told to express emotion for a creative-writing class, high school senior Allen Lee penned
an essay so disturbing to his teacher, school administrators and police that he was charged
with disorderly conduct, officials said Wednesday.

Lee, 18, a straight-A student at Cary-Grove High School, was arrested Tuesday near his
home and charged with the misdemeanor for an essay police described as violently disturbing
but not directed toward any specific person or location.


This occured in Cary...a chicago suburb.

Chicago just their own be a very violent city.

Chicago also has some of the most ridiculous gun laws in the US.

I'm so disgusted by this that I can't even write coherently.

These guys can though.

I'm gonna quit and go do something else.


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