Saturday, April 28, 2007

Finally got unloaded

As time marched on....trucks were escorted off to be parked at padsites
here and there thru out the wind farm.

Finally there were only a couple or three of us left. Me, another
Base...and a Nacelle or two. Right at dark
another Base drove up.

Right about dark one of the Wind Farm hands kinda crept up to us
...kinda like he was used to being yelled at...and said something to the
effect that we
weren't gonna get unloaded today.

Duh. Figgered that.

So me and another Base Truck unhooked and bobtailed on into Pine Bluffs
Wyoming. Seems kinda odd that
the nearst town with any facilities is in another state doesn't it? But
there you have it.

We got there a little after dark-thirty to find the truckstops and
resturants crowded with other refugees from the
wind farm.

And the Bar.

Friendly places bars. Pool....lotsa cigar and cigarette
smoke,conversation..and beer.

Ah yesss.....the beer. Without beer civilization wouldn't exist. My
experience is that where this isn't any isn't very civilized

On about midnight I wandered on back to the truck and went to bed.

Come daylight I woke up, made coffee...lit breakfast and mosied on back
to the windfarm.

Lo and behold I had barely hooked up and checked it all out when a wind
farm hand drove up and said
"Who was here first"?

Well that would be he escorted me on out to the padsite.

The cranes were waiting......imagine that.

Didn't take no time to unload.

So I closed up....cleaned up...put up....and left.

Right now I'm somewhere in Colorado east of Peublo on hiway 71. Nothing
for miles and miles but
more miles and miles. Kinda pleasant. Flys buzzing (cattle
country...there's ALWAYS flys)....birds chirping...light breeze. About
every ten or twenty minutes a car or truck drives by.

I'm amazed that I have internet service. Must be skip or something.

So....I'll rest a mite....kick the tires and stretch my legs....and hit
it again.

Dunno where I'll stop. I certainly have plenty of available logbook hours.


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