Sunday, April 29, 2007


He's Chineese. The americanized version of his name is Aw Fooey. He's the patron saint of chaos. His sister's name is AwShit O'Dear. She's Scottish...she helps him. They both work for Murphy.

Demons or Imps the LOT of em. Very familiar to Truckers.

This is the way it happened.

I sat around all day at the JobSite waiting for them to come get me so I could get unloaded.

As I mentioned before. Didn't happen....went to Wyoming for the nite for fun, food, and fuel.

Fuel. I fueled up. Next morning I heading back to the job site. And they come got me....we went to the pad site....unloaded...etc.

I've mentioned all this.

What I didn't mention was that pulling out of the yard ...making a left hand turn....pulling a pretty fair grade....... the truck died.

Dead. Wouldn't start.

This was very disturbing. I got out...walked around....flapped my arms a bit.

And called in dispair upon the unholy name of AwFooey and OhShitODear.

I also drained the fuel/water seperator filter. It seemed to work...the truck started.

I don't know if it was the incantation or the fuel filter draining that worked. But we wuz rolling.

On the way happened agin.

Same procedure.

Happened again...rolling into the New Mexico Port of Entry. I was very careful not to incantate there. Bad form....PLUS the dudes with the guns might take offense.

It would have been very embarassing....what with my (inoperable) truck blocking the lane and all...but .....

1. I managed to roll on over onto the shoulder so's no one was blocked.
2. I don't get embarassed any more. I figger it's a waste of time and effort. I just fix the
problem...what ever the problem is...and carry on.

So.........I gathered up some paperwork and walked into the Scale house and told em what was going on. The nice young gentleman tore himself away from watching TV and looked at me. I repeated. He nodded, looked at my paper work....told me I had the WRONG paperwork. (I knew that...whatever I had it was bound to be the wrong stuff...and If I brought it ALL...they didn't want to see it anyway....been there...done that)

So I told him I'd creep across his scales onec't (if) I got the truck started and then bring him what he wanted. He nodded.

So I did all that.

Then I changed the fuel his lot.

I mentally cursed Wyoming. Yay and verily....I even incantated the names of AwFooie and OhShitO'Dear....for multiple generations of their forebearers.

Why? Cause If I'd have had to go thru a Wyoming scale lately I wouldn't have had the "stuff" to do what I was doing....I'd a been up a creek.

Amazingly the truck started...and I was hopeing all was well. Dirty fuel filter I thought.

Nope. Died just after I hit the road....going down Raton Pass.....and started....and died....and started.

Hmmmmmmm.....maybe it was air in the line from changing the filter?

I stopped in Springer and fueled, fed and showered. I figgered maybe topping off the tanks might do some good. (dunno what...but I was outa ideas)....naturally their shop was closed sundays or I'd have had the filters changed. My truck has several filters....and I'd only changed the one. I'm not sure what they're all for but I get em changed every time I have an oil change.

So I took off.....

Truck died going up Glorietta pass.

Pattern seems to die under high turbo boost....going uphill....mostly.

Didn't start this time. No matter how I incantated.

So I called Breakdown. Luckily the cell phone worked.....mostly.

They sent out a guy. He didn't come right out and DO it...but I could tell he waaaanted to incantate too.

Anyway...the truck started again....dunno why.

I followed him almost to his shop in Santa Fe. Almost. Truck died about a mile from his an intersection....blocking traffic....after dark.

We both incantated. Very Much So. Vehemently even.

Truck started. We scooted.

Right now I'm in the truck...parked behind his shop. He'll be here first thing in the morning with heavy artillery. He thinks he can fix whatever the problem is.

Hope so. I'm considering sacrificing a chicken....or a goat....burning it on an altar maybe.


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