Sunday, March 25, 2007

My Brother has Cancer.

Not a good week on the health front for relatives is it? I just talked to him on the phone. We talked for quiet some time.

He's just been diagnosed with Colon Cancer. It seems they did a routine colonoscopy and found a mass. Surgery is scheduled for "real soon now".

He's in amazingly good spirits. In fact from talking to him it would be possible to get the impression that this is a whole new "experience"...something he's not done before and he's intrigued.

Surely that's not the case. I've been known to "read" people wrong before....quiet frequently in fact. Stilll...when he got to talking about his "tattoo" and the dye...and the endowhatchamacallit......and...and....

You don't want to me on this.

Seriously though ....I'm sure he'd appreciate it if everyone would keep him in their prayers. I would.

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