Sunday, March 25, 2007

A funny thing happened.................

............on back up the road a bit.

A little bit ago...just back up the road....I was just getting up to speed from my last "rest stop" . A black pickup comes up behind me in the left lane. Nothing unusual there...except that he was a mite far over in the left lane...almost on the shoulder.

That happens sometimes. I have this big ole sign on the back of my trailer saying "OVERSIZE LOAD" in yellow with black letters.....about two foot by seven foot. Most of the times it gets ignored (honest officer....I didn't seeeee him)....but sometimes the "four-wheelers" over-react like I suspect this guy was doing.....going waaay far over to avoid me when passing.

Which is OK....I prefer it actually.

'Cept this guy stayed over there....and weaved a little...and drove off into the median a little....kicking up dust and what not. He was probably on the phone. I slowed down....he drove on outa sight.

Then a few minutes later I noticed a car coming the other way that was flashing his lights off and on....probably a cop ahead.

Then as I was passing a "check station" (which was closed) I noticed a black pickup pull out of it and giddy up on down the road....same one?....I dunno...he pulled outa sight.

A little bit later I see disco lites ahead. A bear has a customer on the right shoulder so I ease on over to the left lane to give 'em plenty of room to conduct business (I got a butt chewing once from a county mountie for NOT doing that...I may be slow but I DO learn).

It's a black pickup.

I'm going fairly slow...55 maybe. When I get close I notice the bear...on running back to his car. The pickup is pulling ahead.....but it's still on the right shoulder. The cop gets into his car....and takes out....slinging dust from his rear wheels where he'd been off the asphalt. About that time I pull up to pass em...but I slow waaaaaaaaay down....what's going on here?

The bear turns on his siren....his disco lights are flashing. The pickup is STILL on the shoulder and slowing to a stop again.

FLASHBACK: years ago in new mexico there was a drunk driver weaving down the interstate. Me and several other trucks "pinned him in" so he couldn't go nowhere till the cops arrived. This guy didn't give up. He wanted to get AWAY...tried to climb the embankment on the right side...with his car. Didn't work....couldn't go anywhere neither...I was parked directly behind him...another truck directly in front of him...another truck to the left of us...boxing him was either climb the embankment or wait for the cops.

The cops arrived...thanked us for helping...and I drove off. Haven't thought about it much since then.

Now...should I help the cop?

I decided not too since the pickup was pulling off. The cop made a "tactical stop"..(skidded to a stop almost sideways behind the guy)....and I rolled past and lost sight of them.

I wonder what was going on....I wonder what happened?

Whatever it is I imagine the driver of the pickup isn't happy.


Stopped in Tyler till tomorrow.

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