Monday, March 26, 2007



I hate mornings. I've got contra-circadian-rhythmoushizm. (a word I just made up) which we used to call being a "night-owl" back home. It's more natural for me to stay up all night and sleep during the day. In fact I used to do that in several of my past lives. When I was in the Air Force (almost ten years) I always worked nite shift....and then later during other jobs as a silly-villian I'd get "stuck" with night shift. I prefer it.

Getting old though. Cain't see so well any more....not so's I like to drive at night.

I don't like to drive at night. There be deer out there for one thing. Oh Deer!.... kinda deer.

So any way....I got up...brewed a pottacoffee....smoked a ceegar and hasseled with morning traffic.

Whoo'da thunk that a little bitty town like Tyler Texas would have so MUCH? Traffic I mean. Plus I think they're all crazy. Every one.

Why I was pulling away from a red light and I got passed on the right SHOULDER....not once but three times. Minnie Mini-van mom was in a HURRY to get the young-uns to school. Not so much of a hurry that she'd drive using both hands though...nope....the phone conversation must go on.

Three of em....and I won't even mention the "cut-offs", "cut in front of and slam on the brakes"..".turn left outa the far right".."turn right outa the far left".."U-turn right in front of me.-oh deary me I ran off and left the kids at home!!"...keystone cops on sterioids I think..sheesh.

Sigh...the life of a heavy haul driver.

Some times I feel like an elephant in a room full of kittens. (note to careful where you step)

So here I am at the gate.... The other gate. I went into the first gate...and this nice gentleman in a pick up told me that this was the wrong gate...the right gate was down the road a ways sorry he didn't tell me in time seeya.

So I had to turn around. Pretty hard turning an 83 foot rig around on "city streets"...what with curbs, shrubs, lamppoles and impatient mini-van moms.

But I made it....didn't hardly kill no one....and now I'm here.

In line....hurry up and wait.

It appears that there's aeroplanes here. Makes sense....being an air port and all. Little ole turbo jet. Folks lineing up to get on the weather. Well we're fixing to change that. All weather boarding facility coming up. Momma won't even get her hair-do blown around...or rained on.

And there she goes....heading on down to the end of the runway to take off. Should be pretty easy...nice headwind. Ten mph maybe.

The Crane is here. Little bitty thing. I don't like the looks of this.

Someone's cutting corners. Well maybe it's big enough to do the job....but just barely.

Trucks in line unloading. Rigging up the crane...

it takes about five trucks to haul one of these things. I got the biggest (by far) piece.

That's probably where it's gonna be installed.

The first two trucks are unloaded now....that's the biggest piece is on the ground. That's the turnstile I think. Scattered around on the ground are "parts". Wheels, axels and "stuff"
Fourth truck is getting unloaded....that's the section that goes between the turnstile and the building ....I think

All do they want me to position this thang?

Well here we are. guess I was right. Crane driver comes walking up.

"Driver.. "he says"..."how much weight you carrying".

Personal question I think...then realize he's talking about the load....oh.

" The Bill says fory thousand pounds....but it's lighter than that I think...'bout thirty maybe."

He looks kinda constipated then goes off.

A minute later the construction foreman comes up and axes me the same thing (I guess they don't talk much?....maybe he's hopeing the answer'd change.)

He looks contipated too. Crane's too small.

Now things have shut down...dunno what's gonna happen. Maybe they gone to lunch.



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