Monday, March 26, 2007

Guess it was lunch...

Didn't offer me any neither.

Kinda blurry...that's my air pressure gauge inside the truck. It's reading about 60 pounds of pressure. This guage is to the air suspension. It's proportional to how much weight is on the suspension. I have 39,000 lbs on it....I gotta scale ticket so I know.

Better picture? Forty pounds means that there's no weight back there. So I guess the crane can handle it after all. They were worried.....I was worried...but we's OK.

So I pull out, close up (stretch trailer...gotta unstretch it), clean up (put away all my chains, binder, rags and flags...etc. I've already faxed in my I'm ready to go...

Oooops.....priority traffic in the way.

So I pull over to one side to let him by...looking over my shoulder to see all the "stuff" we brought I need some room to make the swing.

We waited a bit then I followed an escort outa there....and I left.

After that I went on over to Daingerfield Tx. to Blackwell Truck and Trailer sales and talked to Justin Blackwell. Nice guy. Sold him my trailer.

Outa time. Dropped the trailer and treated myself to a motel. Tomorrow morning I'm gonna be over there around eightish and unload the trailer and then head to Birmingham.

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