Friday, March 23, 2007

Back to the truck.

Well I just got back to the truck from visiting. It was fine. Kind of exhausting though.

Four generations. Dad (he's 80) me (56) son (33?) grands (14 and 9?) all talking a mile a minute.....non-stop...for hours.

Mother in law got overwhelmed first...daughter in law got bored.

Easy to understand why. Son and I think alike....get talking about subject fast...finish each others thoughts...skip sentances...jump from subject to subject really fast.

Specialized stuff. In the course of just a few hours we covered :

Beer and it's effect in banishing the hunter gatherer lifestyle and ushering in civilization.

The robot swarm concept and it's future impact on anti terrorist operations.

Digital cameras, cell phones, blogs, myspace and teen age girls make up.

How to make a really good cheeseburger and what to do with semicooked french fries.

And on and on and on....for several hours.

Was fun...

On the way back to the truck we talked about Pizzaro, Cortez, the Incas and Aztecs and their interactions relative to Biological warfare and/or just plain old treachery. With just a touch of the Zulu wars and Rourke's drift thrown in for diversion.

Haven't seen em for months...I need to go back more often.

So that's that and I'm back.

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