Saturday, March 24, 2007

Toodleing along the highway after leaving this morning. Pretty day.

Stormed last night. About three or four in the morning the wind was howling and the truck was rocking. I just rolled over and went back to sleep. Before I crawled into the bunk I'd heard that there was a F2 tornado on the ground near Clovis NM...with another two spotted in the clouds by radar that hadn't touched down yet. Clovis is about 90 miles away from I was.

Nothing I could do about it. Crawl under the truck maybe? Naw....back to sleep.

This is near Fluvana Texas. Cain't see it but there are windmills on that ridge ahead. I carried quiet a few sections in there. Was a big project then. Brazos river valley wind ranch it was called I think. Several years ago when it started....bout '04 I think. Trailer was new then....first thing I hauled on it. It seems they've expanded the ranch a LOT. Huge now.

Another wind ranch...not too far out of Snyder Texas.

Barely see them on the horizon? There's getting to be a bunch of them lately.

Matter of fact next week I'm going to be on a huge project carrying about 200 of them up to Grover Colorado. I'd guess maybe 190 to 220 megawatts generating capacity total....depending on how big the generators are....not huge since they only weigh 96,000 pounds each. So theyre probably less than one megawatt each.

The tower section I'm going to carry weighs 85,000 pounds more or I'm going to have to get a different trailer. I'm going to sell this one monday. Been a pretty good trailer. I hope who ever buys it puts it too good use.

I'm in Ranger Texas. Time too quit for the day. It looks stormy again and if I drive on I'll be fighting Dallas traffic and it might be raining. That's always fun. Since I have all day tomorrow to go a short distance I'm quitting here. Good parking space...Dairy Queen nearby...what more can I ask?

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