Friday, March 23, 2007


I just pulled into Amarillo Texas. Driving in the front entrance and what do I see? Well lookie here...parking is sooooooooo hard for LandStar...and besides...he's special...just park at the end of the fuel island (in the middle of the drive way) and let other folks worry about getting around him.


Ooops. Another one bites the dust. TruckStop that is. It seems that this Petro is intalling Idle Aire. Sure takes up a lot of room doesn't it? Gonna be hard for oversize to come in here much. I guess I'd best figure out another place to stop when I'm in Amarillo.

But that's OK. I just talked to the magnificent daughter in law and it turns out that my Son's off work today. The awesome grandkids will be outa school in a couple of hours so you can guess what grandpa is gonna be doing?

It seems that great-grandpa is back in town to. (He pulls a codjer-wagon here and there....but he's home now). So...I'm gonna choke down a bite to eat here then toodle on down towards the Hacienda.

Back late.

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