Thursday, October 03, 2013

snippet different universe than the last one.


Making the Acquaintance of Okie.

Dirk was tooling along on his Motorcycle.  The last gig had left a sour taste in his mouth and he just wanted OUTA There.   He also wanted some fresh air  and some room.  Idaho sounded about right.

He wasn't in Idaho though.  He was in eastern Oklahoma.  He, and Tex, who was riding in a really, REALLY strange looking saddle bag, would be in Idaho  shortly,......IF the weather held out and he didn't change his mind .  Riding from Oklahoma to Idaho  would only take a few days.

He pulled over a hill and changed his mind.

There, just off the shoulder of the road, was a Siamese Cat facing down a Rottweiler.  Dirk pulled over to watch.  This just didn't happen.  Cats were smarter than that.  He looked at Tex. Tex was also a cat.  A very large black cat.  Tex was intently watching the scene as well.  Whether Tex was thinking whether to dive in and help or bail out and run was anyone's guess.  All that was immediately apparent was that Tex’s attention was RIVETED.

The Rottweiler made his move. The cat vanished....or rather seemed to....and re-appeared on the back of the dogs neck...gnawing on an ear. That cat was QUICK.  Dirk blinked and shook his head.  He mentally played back what he’d seen.

The cat had dived head first for the dog and somehow twisted and went between the dog’s front feet, avoiding the snapping jaws, did a couple of flips and while inverted had raked the dogs belly several times with four paws worth of claws.  One or two sets of claws mangled the dogs private parts as the cat continued back between the dog’s REAR legs, did a flip and wound up on the dog’s back....daintily nibbling on it’s ear.

All in much less time than it took to describe.

Dirk thought that the dog’s heart wasn't really into until the cat had applied the Marine Maxim number twelve to the situation.  The Rottie was a’s were antagonistic toward cats.  That was his job.  No need to get all personal about it.  When Marine Maxim number twelve was invoked “grab em by the balls and their hearts and minds will follow” he’d changed his was personal now.

The Big Rottie just stood there....for about half a second, then it lost it’s mind. It jumped, it twisted, it did back flips and front flips and rolls.  While it was doing the acrobatics it was howling to wake the dead.  All in all it was a very impressive athletic performance.

The siamese cat was even more impressive.  It rode that dog.  There had never been a mustang or a bull rode better at any rodeo.  If Dirk sort of unfocused his eyes just a tiny bit it wasn't hard to imagine the cat with spurs and a sombrero...fanning and raking the dog.

Actually the cat WAS raking the dog.  Poor thing was getting bloody shoulders.  It went on and on and on.  After a while the dog started to get tired.  After a bit longer it was just standing there, it’s head hanging , dripping blood from it’s sides and shoulders.  None of the cuts were really deep but there were a god-awful lot of them.

For a minute the dog just stood there panting, with the triumphant cat on it’s back.  Dirk could have sworn the cat had a smirk on it’s face.  The cat jumped down and strutted in front of the dog...and a shot rang out ...the cat went rolling.

Dirk instinctively drew his “horse-pistol’ from his motorcycle holster.  He pointed it at the man holding the rifle who had just shot the cat.

“Drop it” said Dirk in a voice that dripped liquid helium. “ I won’t tell you twice”.

The HillBilly looked as if he were going to argue for a minute...until he got a better look at Dirks pistol and a better look at Dirks’ face.  He slowly lowered his rifle.

“Better..” said Dirk.  “If that’s your dog you can take it and leave, I’ll be leaving too...with the cat.  If you bother me one of us is going to that?”

The man nodded...and walked over to the Rottie.  The worst thing hurt about the dog was it’s pride.   It would look at cats very much more cautiously in the future.  The man clipped a leash to it and they walked away....glaring at Dirk as they did.

When the man had disappeared from sight Dirk rode over to where the cat was.  Dirk expected it to be dead.  It very nearly was.  Dirk scooped it up with one hand and as best he could administered first aid.  

Idaho was right out, now.

Back to Texas.

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