Sunday, September 29, 2013

Volume Two of "Heavy haul Trucker"

...........seems to be hung up in the 'approval' stage of KDP.  It's taking longer than usual.  I think it may be because it was originally a blog and all that stuff was published before.

..........and  Amazon is checking it out to see I have the right to publish it.

Pretty cool  for two reasons.

1. They care.
2. They have the technology.

Speaking of tech.  Wife told me an interesting tidbit.

It seems they had a LOT of wanna-be thieves at her work the other night.  She said it was pitifully obvious.  Some things stand out.  Poor guys were frustrated though.  Too many 'watchers' for them to steal stuff.

Poor babies.

And that's not counting the ubiquitous cameras.

Some of them seem to be successful though.  Business of that nature routinely loose over  a million bux of presumably stolen merchandise..per year.
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