Sunday, September 29, 2013

Storm last night

Color me impressed.

Last night we had a storm.  I'm unable to ascertain just how severe the storm was.  THAT's why I'm impressed.  This apartment building  is STOUT, almost as if it were carved out of granite.

For various ignorant reasons I stayed up late last really late....and it stormed all night.  Could NOT tell from inside the apartment.  I went outside and sat on the patio for a (whole , damp, cigar) while....between the apartment buildings looked like the inside of a car wash.   Rain was going up/down/sideways etc.  The wind MUST have been intense.

Now way to tell from inside the building.  Didn't rattle nary a window.

I've spent a decade or two living inside mobile homes...and another two sleeping in trucks.  When a storm like that hits and you're in a moble home you KNOW It.

Not so here.

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