Saturday, September 28, 2013

Abstract : High Fives

Old people warehoused.

Instead of in a nursing home these folks are REALLY warehoused.  They are in what might be confused as mortuary cabinets.  Science fiction fans might consider them to be cold sleep drawers.  They are neither.

Inside the cabinets they experience typical wake/sleep cycles similar to any other group. The cabinets are HIGH FIVE.  That is… a Holistically Integrated Graphically Haptic.. Full Immersion Virtual Enclosures.  

The enclosure provide nourishment,  physical therapy, sanitation,  a secure environment, and Full Sensory
communications.  Ihe old farts can access anything from their HIGHFIVEs.  They can watch TV, surf the net, go virtual or connect to any of several telepresence outlets in real time They can even mind-meld with certain cybernetically prepared animals.

It’s better in all regards to use HIGH FIVES rather than typical nursing homes/hospitals.  The average age of the inhabitants is well in excess of one hundred.
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