Friday, April 04, 2008

Nailed by some office worker.

So I'm toodleing along. Fat dumb and happy thinking I'm good as gold. I've been a good little boy to the best of my ability. The log book is up to the minute. The load is "over secured". I'm driving slower than max legal and keeping more than enough following distance. I'm about four hours out from delivering the load and expect to be empty by shortly after noon. I've already got several potential reloads lined up for tomorrow and I should be "loaded and rolling" on the weekend.

As far as I'm concerned everything is peachy.

Then I get a call from my travel agent.

He tell's me to find a place nearby and "shut er down". NOW.

I do that.


Well it seems that the Illinois Department of Motor Vehicles has a recurring annual problem. A paper work problem . Every year they "loose" a number of renewals for license registration. The lady in our office said that last year there were 40 drivers subjected to this stress....the year before it was 60.

This year it's me.

I've got to sit and wait for my vehicle registration. Not having one that is current is a BAD THING (tm). It could cost me big bux were certain young gentlemen were to discover that unfortunate fact.. I didn't do anything wrong. My carrier didn't do anything wrong. Somehow the renewal just fell into a time warp.

It's not just my current carrier that has this problem. As fate would have it I sit next to a driver from my former carrier....right here in the parking lot....who was shut down for exactly the same reason.

I've been here since yesterday before noon. I COULD have already been to the Consignee and unloaded...with a check "in the mail" to the house (after processing). .......yesterday. This is likely to impose an economic hardship. Just when we were starting to recover too.

So....I sit.

Until I get a squeaky clean updated registration.....I wait.

Very frustrating.
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