Saturday, March 01, 2008

Heading out.........

.......toward the NorthEast. To a new carrier....a new lease.

I notified my current/previous carrier (that I'm leased to) that I was resigning. That went better than I'd feared but not as good as I'd hoped. A little bit of "he said...she said" and like that.

Paperwork. For the new carrier....Tons of paperwork.

That's done.

Now I have to get the trailer back to where the previous carriers wants it (Tulsa) and I'm off to Orientation.(Pennsylvania)


I had a lot of good times where I was. Lots of friends. Lots of "we got er done" from some pretty serious challenges....Too bad they couldn't keep me rolling. Five loads since Christmas just doesn't pay the bills.

Still....this is the Information Age. No reason I can't keep in touch with my friends. Cell phones and Internet and like that. It's not like it was the Seventies like when I parted with buddies I served with in South East Asia in the Air Force. Never to see any of them again.

As soon as I can get sufficiently motivated....and get a few more cups of coffee drank...and run thru the "what I need to take" check list a few more times...well then...

I'm outa here..
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