Monday, March 31, 2008

End of the Month Round Up.

New Feature I'm going to try.

The first of the month I was still with my previous Carrier. I was disenchanted and upset because I wasn't making ANY money. The Bills were coming due and all I could do was sit and worry. Something had to be DONE (tm). As many folks know there's a grapevine in every profession. The jungle telegraph....scuttlebutt....rumors and propaganda. I keep an ear to it and followed a lead. This took me to my soon to be new Carrier.

I left Austin and went to Tulsa and got rid of my old carrier's "stuff". (Trailer and knick-knacks), then bobtailed to Oklahoma City to pick up a Trailer. From there I deadheaded to Carlisle Pa for orientation which took three days.

I then bounced to Shady Grove Pa to get this:

going to North Carolina. From there I deadheaded to Georgia to get this

going to San Diego California.

When I unloaded in San Diego I deadheaded down to Las Vegas Nevada to the big Trade Show.

I moved a couple of pieces there to a holding yard and then took this;

to Portland Oregon.

From there I deadheaded back to Las Vegas and got this:
going to Nashville Tenn.

From there I deadheaded to Chatanooga to get one of these.....going to Baltimore.....

Unfortunately that load cancelled so rather than wait there hoping for a load I deadheaded to Decatur Illinois.

Hopeing for a load.

Supposedly the odds are much better here than back in Tennessee.

So.......this is what I did this month....

Not bad. Bills are being Less stress.

I hear we might could use a few more four-axle trucks. Maybe some three-axle. Maybe even some company drivers. (hint..I get a recruiting bonus)
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