Sunday, November 25, 2007

Powered ExoSkeleton

Quiet a few years ago I worked at a WalMart Distribution center in Plainview Tx.

One of the things I did before I got fired was unload trucks. Due to WalMart's personnel management policies at the time it was horrible work. Working there gave me a new appreciation for the term "sweat-shop"! However, they say that "You can't argue with success" and WalMart is obviously successful. Even so I thought that the way they treated their warehouse personnel at the time was extremely de-humanizing.

It was SO dehumanizing that I dreamed up something very similar to this while unloading trucks.

This was during the late eighties. I make no claim for originality since Robert A Heinlein had developed the idea decades earlier in his book StarShip Troopers.

These guys are working toward Heinlein's concept of a powered suit.

These guys are too

And as always...there is synergy

Combine the powered armor with the jumping stilts. Insert a marine who's more than a little bit annoyed with Terrorists.

The terrorists' could run but they couldn't hide...and they couldn't run fast enough. This set-up would be ideal for urban combat... and a terrorist's worst nightmare.
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