Friday, September 28, 2007

Once upon a time....

not so long ago.

I was bored. Really, really, REALLY bored.

I was out of reading material in that eveything I had I'd read many, many times.


So....(gasp) I was induced to commit FANTASY.

I read this..By Sarah Hoyt.

as stated on the Webscription site.

Every one of us has the beast inside. But for Kyrie Smith, the beast is no metaphor. Since she was 15, when she first shape-shifted into a savage, black panther, Kyrie has questioned her humanity. Although she's managed to keep her inner beast secret most of the time, the panther occasionally emerges to strike unbidden. Terrified she'll hurt someone while in panther form, Kyrie moves from town to town, searching for a way to feel human again. Kyrie's lonely life changes forever while waitressing at a cheap diner in Goldport, Colorado. Investigating frantic screams from the parking lot, Kyrie stumbles upon a blood-spattered dragon crouching over a mangled human corpse. The dragon shape-shifts back into her co-worker, Tom, naked, dazed and unable to remember how he got there. Thrust into an ever-changing world of shifters, where shape-shifting dragons, giant cats and other beasts wage a secret war behind humanity's back, Kyrie may find the answers she seeks-with help from Tom, a mythical object called the Pearl of Heaven, and her own inner beast.

About the Author

Sarah A. Hoyt has sold a dozen novels in various genres, starting with the Mythopoeic award finalist, Ill Met by Moonlight and including -- under Sarah D'Almeida -- her new Musketeers Mysteries series, starting with Death of a Musketeer, available November 2006 from Prime Crime books.

An avid history buff and longtime reader of sci-fi, fantasy, and mysteries Sarah has published over three dozen short stories in magazines such as Asimov's, Analog, Amazing and Weird Tales, as well as several anthologies.

Residing in Colorado with her husband, two teen boys and a pride of cats, Sarah is hard at work on her next dozen novels.

Published 11/1/2006
SKU: 1416520929
Ebook Price: $6.00

Now I admit it. I'm a "sexist" by many definitions. I read very few female authors. I just don't like what they write. (with some notable exceptions) I read very little Fantasy. I don't much like IT either.

But I was bored. REALLY bored.

I read it...I kinda liked it.

I started "hanging" out at Sarah's Diner I even posted some to it. I even wrote a story ( !!!!!) one time and posted it there.

I started reading her LiveJournal occasionally.

I kinda like the way this gal thinks. Her writing ain't so bad either.

Today I went to her Live Journal and read... Multi Culti Tutti Fruti.

Go that.....NOW!

You'll be glad you did.
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