Saturday, September 29, 2007


Yeah...YOU! Moron!

I'm talking about the nitwits that this guy is talking about. You know who you are.

You're the fool who's tries to pass me in construction when I'm (a heavy hauler...usually wide) barely...just barely narrow enough to fit in one's two narrow lanes....and you try to pass. I had an extended mirror knocked off the other day because of you. It was almost a disaster...if one of us....either one....had rubbed a jersey barrier it would have been....bad.

You're the fool who comes up behind another're going maybe one....maybe two miles per hour faster....and try to pass. You take two or three MILES to pass. You incompetent. You disgrace to your profession. Holding up traffic....backing it up for no way to win points with the public.

You're the idiot who thinks it OK to go "two over", or "five over" the speed a matter of construction. After all, everyone does it right?

You're the Cretin who tailgates....who intentionally intimidates the motoring public so they'll "get out of your way". If you tail gate ME and I have to stop...or're dead. Like I said once before, if a mouse runs into an elephant it's not the elephant that gets bruised. I normally outweigh you fools by twice.

You're the nitwit who talks trash on the CB. It's so bad that normal people don't even want to have the CB on near a truck stop in a big city. I'm thinking of Dallas near the TA, Flying J and Pilot on I-20...but it's everywhere.

You're the dimbulb who's all the time calling for "smokie reports" on the CB, like I'd tell you?

You're the Neanderthal whose actions germinated these vermin.

You're the SlopeBrows who are the reason behind black boxes going into trucks. Eventually, because of you, we'll all have them.

You bloody idiots. You're ruining the profession. You're the reason for "truck specific" legislation. Truck discrimination.

You Jerk. Many of the general public, all of the news media think poorly of us because of you.

You probably won't make it as a Trucker. Like any wild animal you'll make a mess and move on. Pig. Varmit. Not even Pottie Trained. Look at the pee-bottles in rest areas. Go back to whatever cesspool you crawled out of, the rock you wiggled out from under. We don't need you here.

Others of us have been doing this for decades. We have to live with your mess. It's getting harder all the time.

There are things rest of us can do to get your butt out of the driver's seat. Technology is our friend. Ever hear of technology... knuckle-dragger?

Technology like cell-phones. If I see your sorry butt doing something abysmally stupid I can call my wife, she's on my speed dial AND voice dial and I have a bluetooth headset so my hands never leave the steering wheel (I'm not an idiot like you are) and SHE can look up the local Bears and call them. The bears react to a "distressed motorist" being threatened by a "big truck", particularly a female.

Nose-picker. I see you've spray painted over the "1-800-fire -me" numbers on the company trailer you're pulling. You're the reason they are there to begin with....but Google is my friend. My Google-fu trumps you're stupidity, your idiocy, your cretinism All I need is your company name. Spray paint over IT why don't you? Ever hear of Google fool? ever hear of Cameras? Videocams are getting dirt cheap. I may install one, have it run ALL the time. Multi-Gigabyte SD Cards are dirt cheap now too. When you pull something stupid how bout if I send the video to the appropriate bears? They'd never know who I am, but they'd have a full color video of your sorry the act. I could have done that many times this last week.

Idiots, fools, Jackasses.

(grumble, mutter, mutter)

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