Saturday, September 29, 2007


I staid up all nite last nite working on my Blog.

My great fear is that I'll fall prey to that great fallacy of software development. I'll "improve" it beyond all usability. I've seen many programs like that....those which I'd much rather have version .5 than version 15.8....the program being discontinued due to lack of sales at around version 16 (duh).

So....I tinkered with page width.

I added a slide show....put several hundred photo's in it. At one picture a second (which is where I have it set) it'll take several minutes before it restarts. I wonder if I should cut the number of pictures and have several slide shows?

I'm thinking about three columns...

I found a neat site. Foxy Tunes. Lots of music and video's . I put some of them on the blog. Naturally I'm looking for trucking music but the site is set up to be searched by "artist" name. (I think artist means something like author if you were talking about books?....not sure....I know nothing about music. Don't care really....I'm told I'm tone deaf. Maybe ...most of it is just noise to me)

So....I'm piddling. I staid in the truck all day yesterday except for about two hours of eat and clean up. Amazing how time flies when youre having fun?

Yawn. Guess I'll pidle some more.

Nothing happening till Monday noonish. Then it'll probably snow.

These two ampley demonstrate a particular hazard for truck drivers.. Ours is a sedentary , yet stressful occupation. The manufacturers did us no favor when they installed power everything. Particularly for women. Used to be trucks were smaller, there was no power steering etc. Truckers were generally in fairly good shape.

No longer. Now days a truck, mine for example, is so HUGE that it'd be impossible to operate safely without power steering. Many....most trucks have "power everything" now. The Drivers get no exercise. Couch Potatoes on wheels. The only exercise some of us get is walking across the parking lot to go eat. Sad too. These two are youngsters.....late thirties maybe? Husband and wife team I'd guess. What I'd call FreightHaulers or Chicken Truckers (because of the trailer they pull...not any personal attributes). I'd say each one is pushing 300lbs.

Too bad....but what can you do? It's easy to say ...."Exercise". Right. Walk around a truckstop parking lot at night? I tried that for a while. Good way to get run over....or mugged.
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