Saturday, August 25, 2007

Home Again.

Nothing happened at the yard in Tulsa...I mean NOTHING. No loads and no prospects of a load.

Rather than sit in a truckstop over the week end.... I came home. Personal business on Monday anyway.

Bad thing happened though. The laptop broke.

There I was ...sitting in the truck reading the last of "Hell's Faire" by John Ringo when "poof". ....the screen went blank.

Dunno what happened. Power supply maybe?

I had no idea how much I depended on the lappy. I caught myself "reaching" for it time and time again. I have it permanently mounted on a "swivel stand" in the truck. Easily accessible from the driver's seat. Often times I use it as a GPS (BIG maps) using Delorme Street Atlas....or as a weather map using "Weather Watcher" ...or as a newspaper using Drudge or Google news...or to check for available loads using the company load board...or as......

The Blackberry just can't fill the gap....almost but not quiet.

Any way. I have a spare at home. Exact same backup. (long story about why,where and how)...So when I got home I swapped hard drives. Five minute job including trouble shooting...I'm up and running.


It's Shiner Time. (similar to Miller Time but with real beer...Shiner Bock...brewed in Texas)...maybe it oughta be BockTime?

Eitherway...All is well.
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