Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back in Tulsa

......Sapulpa actually.

I've got another load. This is going to be a milestone for me. The heaviest load I've ever carried. My Texas permit is for 194,000 lbs.

It's a condensor for a power plant. Me and another trucker are carrying two identical pieces. It seems that it takes four to make one.

My one is twelve wide by ten tall by fifty foot long and weighs a hundred and twenty or so thousand pounds. Some condensor huh?

Today was a glitch. We prepared (cut dunnage) at the yard then deadheaded across town to the factory. Then we proceeded to wait...and wait.....and wait.

At about three or so in the PM they finially decided to load my partner.

Oops. Technical difficulties. It won't "fit" on his trailer. Sooooooooooo.....they unloaded him....and he headed back to the yard to get a different trailer.

We can do that. ....switch trailers I mean....that's why we have a yard with trailers in it. Several of em.

So......tomorrow is another day. I'm supposed to be getting loaded first....then my partner.....then head to Texas.

I'm not happy with the route. In fact you could say I could be homicidal pretty easy. I've never seen such an ignorant...stupid....idiotic...........

Nevermind.....if they want us to go thataway....we'll GO thataway. No choice. (morons)

Right now I'm gonna read a while then hit the sack....tomorrow promises to be an adventure.
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