Monday, August 20, 2007


The Beautiful Bride (tm) called me at oh five thirty. I made coffee...smoked a ceegar and headed out.

I rolled into the yard at Tulsa about a quarter till eight. I expected to sit and wait at a closed gate for Lloyd and Fred to arrive and let me in. Wrong. The gate was open and driver's were industriously putting trailers together.

I wheeled around...backed up...and started throwing chains.

Just about the time I got the last chain throwed a big ole fork lift rolled up and snatched the hydraulic gooseneck AND the stinger sitting on it off my trailer. I rolled forward and it set them down then snatched the stinger off .....then rolled around and set the stinger down behind my trailer. We hooked it up.

About that time Lloyd appeared..."what's the hold up?...why are you all still here? Go Load"

So we did.

I was second in line of three trucks....we rolled across town to Broken Arrow to the compressor manufacturer. Lloyd beat us there in his pickemuptruck. He parleyed with the chief there and the chief come over to me and said.

"Swing around here...back up...and well set the compressor on your trailer".

So we did that.

And about the time I got chained down the escorts showed up.....

We pow-wowed...they helped me finish chaining down....we boogied.

Over hill and dale and around the hill we went. It's about a hundred miles crowfly from Tulsa to here. It's a hundred and fifty odometer miles.

So.....I'm there. Tomorrow morning at seven or so the construction crew escorts me to the jobsite.

Been a hectic but productive day....didn't stop to scratch onct I woke up....

Nitey nite all.
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