Tuesday, August 21, 2007


...........sometimes boring is good. I suppose it beats panic.

But it's still boring. I'm sitting on a hilltop about a half mile from the compressor station.

I can hear the other compressors running from here. There are several natural gas pipelines down there....soon to be quiet a few more. Each has a compressor on it....fueled by natural gas.

BIIIIIG motors. Very deep bass rumble.

The other truck (other company) should have been in here early ...the cranes should have been in here early. They were supposed to be loaded and outa here before me and the "cooler" got here.

I'm here....no one else is. The "cooler" just left Tulsa...it'll be this afternoon before he gets here. Dunno where the Cranes and other trucks are.

Some other trucks just showed....theyre waiting too.



If you're 56 and have grey hair and beard...and have been trucking for ten or twenty years....and you're with a group of other truckers...and you're the youngest and the rookie of the group....

You all might be heavy haulers.

If you flinch when you go under a sixteen foot bridge..
You might be a heavy hauler.

If you think a hundred thousand lbs gross is "lite"
You might be a heavy hauler.

If you need an overweight permit and front and rear escorts to move.......empty.

You're definitely a serious heavy hauler.


The crane just arrived.

It and it's "tenders"Hydraulic Cranes we call em. They're rubber tired and can self transport themselves on the highways.....but not all in one piece. They'd be waaaay too heavy for that. How heavy I'm not precisely certain...but it's waay waaaay heavy.

So they have "tenders". In this case two flatbed trucks hauling the counterweights and "stuff"

It'll probably take em an hour to set up.

Then they gotta haul out the old Cooler.

Then they gotta haul out the old compressor.Now...finally...it's my turn.

It went rather smoothly.

I waddled on in under the crane. We (the crane gang helped) unchained. They lifted the compressor off my trailer and swung it onto it's padsite. The cranegang helped me with my booster and then we swung it up onto the trailer. I backed out.

About that time F.D. arrived with the cooler.

By the time I'd finished tieing down the booster and stowing "stuff" he was unloaded. We both took off and went to Henryetta to the "Pig Out Cafe" and proceeded to do so.

And discussed Politics and Trucking and Stuff while we ate.

Good time.

Now it's bedtime.

Nite All
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