Sunday, July 15, 2007

I'm in Salisbury

.......North the Derrick Travel Plaza.

Why am I still awake?

Dunno. Probably slept too late this morning.

It's sunday and I can't roll due to state law. So I sat.

I played with my new cell phone a lot. It's very aggravating and every other little while I swear I'm gonna turn it back in to Sprint...but then I think....hmmmmm....maybe I can....

And keep working on it. (grumble)

Intuitive it aint.

Lucky I got a backup.

Derrick makes some good bacon cheeseburgers....their cafe is fair...and I can get far enough away from the TV to not be bothered. The showers are also good and cheap. (6$)...all in all not a bad place to be shut down.

I also worked on an "article" for Wayne. Maybe he'll publish it...or not...we'll see.

If he don't I might just put it here....later. I worked on it a while and I kinda like the way it turned out.

Not sleepy. to be rolling at sunup....

Guess I'll surf the web for a while...


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