Friday, July 13, 2007

Done for the day.

First thing in the morning ....after I had my coffee.....

(you DON'T want me to deal with people before I've had my really don't)

................I wandered on over to "OldCastle Precast".

They're the folks who make these things. Loaded right up....I was one of only two trucks to load today.

The guy I talked to said that things were kinda grim. They'd even had to lay off people. It seems that Nextel isn't putting in so many cell-towers as they have in the past.

I've heard that other places too......hmmm..

Anyway...she loaded right up. No problems.

It's a LOT lighter than I figured too.

Steer- 10,020
drive- 39,580
for a gross weight of 93,620

That's about 6 thousand less than what I'd figured....(ghastly thought.......hope their scales are right).

Oh well. I'm already almost too North Carolina anyway.

I'm a hundred or so miles from being where I want to be ..........monday.

And this is only Friday?

I guess that's reason enough to quit for the day. I mean....what will I do tomorow otherwise?

And Sunday.
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