Thursday, July 12, 2007

I guess we'll keep the little trailer ................

............for a little while after all.

It seems that the big trailer is likely to have some maintainence issues when it gets returned to the yard.....probably today or tomorrow. So I won't be able to haul anything on it until early next week....after the yarddogs get it fixed.

Seeing as me and Bill have this love/hate relationship. (I love to hate him)...I figured that might be a bit too late.

Who is Bill you say? Shirley you know who Bill is. The Bill Monster. As's to pay the Bills.

I visualize it as follows: There's this humongously ugly ,evil ,oldmonster....the Bill Monster. He's chasing me. If he catches me I'm done for ...he wants to do nasty things to my young and tender body(insert all kinds of evil, ugly, nasty terrible fates here). rating....same thing today. The only way to keep him away is to throw money at him. The more money.... the further away goes....and the longer my repreive. Enough money and he goes away completely.


Well, during the wind tower project I fed the beast fairly well.....enough that I got about a month ahead of him. But the month's about gone....and I see his gnarly, snarly , ugly, slavering , twisted vistage cresting the horizon. He's coming to get me.

Ergo....throw more money at him. money.

Solution.....earn some.

Sooooooooooo....I guess I'll do a load on the little trailer.

The load? A communication shelter. I've done many, many of them.

But not on this trailer.....not even on this TYPE of trailer
It's not a bad looking trailer is it? It's a 53ft. Transcraft tri-axle. All steel. At least it's not one of those combination Aluminium/Steel thangs. Imagine one of them in Heavy Haul? Can you spell squish?

This is a similar communication building on the trailer I used to own.Notice that it's a different TYPE of trailer? (Removable Gooseneck) as well as being bigger and stouter....and more axles.

I musta hauled a hundred of those com-shelters on that trailer.....(sigh)


But this is a whole new ball game.....

Soooooooo.....I'm stopped at a truck stop measuring axle spaceings. The various states seem to think they need that.

I'm 16'3 from steer to lift axel
4'2 from lift to 1st drive
4'6 between drives
36'10 from last drive to first trailer
4'6 from the first trailer axel to the middle trailer axle
4'6 from the middle trailer axel to the last trailer axle
Overall Lenght is 77'3
The king pin to 1st trailer axle is 38'11
and finally.....the inner bridge is 36'10

Are we having fun yet? I have to submit this info (and more) on EVERY. PERMITTED. LOAD I haul....and I just about ONLY haul permitted loads.

Luckily this is not a stretch all those dimensions remain fairly constant.....

.......of course if I slide my 5th wheel some of em will change.

Then the weights.....dunno what the trailer weighs......less than 20,000?....I would hope. The empty weight on my RGN was 30,000 or so and it was bigger, badder and a stretch to boot. Empty weight on the tractor is 26,000 (more or less.....I carry 300 gallons of diesel....that's a 2400 lb variable right there.)

So.........I dunno what the empty weight is. I'll have to find a Cat Scale.

We're going with max weight in Georgia (it's the only way to be sure)....which is

14,000 on the steer
60,000 on the drives
60,000 on the trailer.

that's 134,000 gross. The shelter weighs 58,000, the tractor weighs 26,000....hmmm...
I don't think the trailer is gonna weigh 50,000....we should be ok.

Georgia is a reasonale state to do bidness in regards to overweight permits. Flat fee. Cheap too....I dunno for sure but it's maybe less than a hundred dollars....regardless of milage. doesn't hurt us none to ask for "max".

Other states.....North and South Carolina for example.....aren't so reasonable....

Suuuuuuuuuuure.....they'd love for us to ask for max weight....but they'd charge. Oh BROTHER would they charge...per mile we wait till we have actual weights.....THEN order the permit.

Nuff of this....I'm hooooooooooongry.....gonna go eat then mosey on over to Georgia. Load first thing in the morning.

I'm in Mississippi. (Mississippi is a ton Mile state. The highest in the nation actually.) I've had to pay way over 500 dollars for a mississippi weight permit. Way over.


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