Saturday, July 21, 2007

Finally left the yard

I finally got a load for my "new" trailer. 'Bout time.

As I was leaving the truck stop this morning what perchance did I see?

That's the remains of a light pole laying there. It appears that there are other's who can't back up. Someone apparently was backing up.....hit the lightpole and knocked it down. This mystifies me. How fast , backwards, did he have to be going to knock down the light pole? That's steel and concrete.

That takes real smarts.

I usually back up creeepy-crawly. Since many times I can't see around my normallly being wide....I take it real easy.Also, I've been known to get out and LOOK to see what's back there. Several times even.

Amazing. Ya'll be careful around trux you hear? You wonder where some companies get their drivers.

'Nuff of that. Here's my new toy.

It's an old thang. About a 96 or 98 Lidel Hydraulic Detach, drop-side lowboy. Three axles with a single axel booster. We call it a 3 +1. It's rated at 100,000 lbs in any 12 foot of deck...26 foot deck and it has a boom trough. The "drop" part of the drop side is fairly low....about 14" . I can't really say yet until I get a load on it. A good thing is that it has variable "ride heights" also. I can adjust how high the deck is from the ground....up to a point.

I'm waiting for monday to pickup an excavator going to florida. I'm within a few miles of the shipper right now. It's only a little excavator. My rig is overkill....about 3 too many axles. But it'll be a nice "maiden voyage" while I'm still figuring things out about this trailer.

I've already got the permits ordered.
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