Saturday, April 14, 2007



I gots leaks. I got an oil leak....I have a power steering fluid leak. Agravating as can be and messy.

I think maybe they're because of the cross country trek I did in Vega a few days ago?'s annoying and I simply don't have TIME to get 'em fixed right now. Not in the middle of a project....not if I can avoid it.

But I tried. I went into the TA in cheyenne wy. this morning an enquired. The cute little gal (ahem) behind the service desk told me the wait was about two hours before a mechanic was free to look at it. I reluctantly agreed that I'd wait.

Then she handed me a sheet of paper. .....a form.

"Fill this out" she said. name...type of number of truck....license plate of truck odometer milage...mother's maiden name....blood type....genetic somatype....


I made some of that up...but you get the drift?

None of their damn business....and why do they need to know anyway? I forgot there for a minit why I don't like TA's. They actually want all that info...and more...just to fix a flat tire.

So I bought a couple of bottles of Lucas ..."Power Steering Fluid and it stops leaks too" and walked out.


I ain't telling them all that.

So I drove off.

I like to drive slow. Sixty or sixty five is plenty fast enough. But sometimes you just can't do that. Flow of traffic and all that. So I'm lumbering along down I-25 in Colorado at a little over seventy...and I'm being passed by everything on the road.......except for the little ole granny who's in the middle lane going forty. That can be real exciting.

Denver wasn't all that bad. I slid right thru the middle. First time I've been able to do that in a few years. A definite no-no with an oversize.

After that I just lumbered along....looking at scenery....until................ changed.

Snow.For snow this aint all that bad. It's pretty well behaved. For one thing it just lays there....not like a blizzard.

For another thing it's not on the road. That the best place for snow. NOT. ON. THE. ROAD.

This was the remnants (after half a day of above freezing temps) of what came thru yesterday. I'm glad I missed out on all the fun.

Hmmmmmmmmm....what's this?
A blade truck...

Another one.......

Little bitty things ain't they?

Those are what go on the windmills of which I are carrying the bottom part of the tower.

Blades we call em.

And these truely....really...are small ones. Notice he's got TWO of em on one truck?

And it's only a stretch flat?

I've seen some blades that are soooooooooooooooooo beeeeeeggg....

Well never mind....let's just say that they wouldn't fit on those tiny little trailers. And only one could be carried at a time.
Got past all the snow. It was in colorado north of Trinidad and south of Peubleo I think. This is Raton pass on the New Mexican side.

Going doooownn.

Pretty isn't it?

Not much of a pass anymore as far as technical difficulty. They've worked on the roadway quiet a bit.

I very rarely go over it though. Low bridges. Some are as low as sixteen foot.....lower even...with no way to "ramp" em. So I don't go this way loaded.Sure is purty ain't it?

I ask agin.....does your office window have such a view? sometimes my view sux.

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